Saturday, April 15, 2006

Identified in Trees

Identified in Trees, a poetry collection by Sandra Bunting, was published by Marram Press in February, 2006, the first book brought out by the newly-founded press.

Sandra Bunting has a background in journalism but has experimented with different kinds of writing. Identified in Trees touches on her Canadian roots yet is influenced by the west of Ireland where she has lived for sixteen years with her husband and two daughters.

The book is available at the Galway Bookshps Dubrays, Charlie Byrne's NUI Galway bookshop and Kenny's online or in Dublin at Anthology Books, Temple Bar. It costs €10.

Or you can order directly from Marram Press by writing to Marram Press, 21 Munster Ave., Galway at a cost of €10.

Marram Press

Marram Press was started by Ciarán Parkes in the beginning of
2006 to publish some of the excellent writing talent in the city of
Galway in the west of Ireland.

It is committed to bringing out three beautifully produced books a year and is also involved in a number of community-based activities.